Custom Portraiture

Hand Painted Pet Portraits

Colored pencil  and pastel portraits of your pet are available in a variety of sizes. They are all done on paper.  We usually use Stonehenge paper for colored pencil and a variety of sanded or velour papers for the pastel, depending on the subject matter.  The portraits are painted from your photograph, which will be returned without damage upon completion of the portrait. A clear, close up photo that is at least 4”x 6” must be supplied. It is very important to supply the correct type of picture in order to achieve the closest possible likeness. Please see the section titled photo tips for assistance. If you can supply additional photographs for reference, it will aid the artist in achieving a closer likeness. The portrait will take at least 6-8 weeks for colored pencil or 3-5 weeks for pastel to complete.  Please note that portraiture work is first come, first serve.  I will notify you when I receive your photos approximately when you can expect the finished painting.  You will need to send 1/3 of the payment with your order.  When ordering a portrait, please provide the following information:

1. Whether you want a solid background or the detail provided in the photo.

2. If you supply multiple photos, please mark which one you want to be used for the portrait.

Photos can be either mailed or emailed. If you are emailing, please make sure that the image is either in .tif or .jpg format and is at least 200 dpi.

I cannot copy the work of other artists, including copyrighted photographs, unless given written permission from the artist/photographer.

All copyrights of portrait/artwork are retained by the artist unless prior arrangements are made.

Pieces not picked up at the studio will be shipped via UPS or USPS and will be billed to the client.

A 30% deposit is required upon ordering and the remainder is due upon completion of the portrait.

Click here for tips on how to take a great photo of your pet suitable for a portrait.

Commissions are handled on a first come first serve basis.

Click here for tips on how to take a great photo of your pet which is suitable for a portrait.

Portrait Pricing - Pastel

5x7 Pastel Portrait                                                                                  $150.00

8x10 Pastel Portrait                                                                                $200.00

11x14 Pastel Portrait                                                                             $275.00

16x20 Pastel Portrait                                                                             $400.00

Other Sizes Available on Request

Portrait Pricing - Colored Pencil 

5x7 Colored Pencil Portrait  (No Background )                                        $200.00

5x7 Colored Pencil Portrait (With Background )                                      $200.00

8x10 Colored Pencil Portrait (No Background)                                       $275.00

8x10 Colored Pencil Portrait (With Background)                                    $300.00

11x14 Colored Pencil Portrait (No Background)                                    $400.00

11x14 Colored Pencil Portrait  (With Background)                                $450.00

16x20 Colored Pencil Portrait (No Background)                                    $500.00

16x20 Colored Pencil Portrait  (With Background)                                $550.00

Other Sizes Available on Request

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