Maggie Price Pastel Workshop in Littleton

I found out this weekend that Maggie Price will be holding a workshop at Terry Ludwig's facility in Littleton in July of 2009.  Maggie is the author of Painting with Pastels which you can purchase by clicking here.  She paints gorgeous pastel landscapes.  She participates a lot on Wet Canvas and has always been extremely helpful with answering questions and giving advice.  I have not yet taken one of her classes, but will be signing up for the workshop in Littleton and will also be taking one of her classes at the IAPS convention in May of 2009.  The workshop is from July 10-12th and is $350.00.  You can click here for more information.  If you haven't been to Terry Ludwig's facility, you are really missing out.  Terry manufactures some of the best pastels out there, has some of the greatest colors and is a genuinely nice guy to boot. No, I don't own any stock in the company :-)  I attended a workshop by Dianna Ponting at Terry's place last summer and had a wonderful time.  I came out of that class with a whole new life to my pastels.  Dianna is also planning to teach a workshop in Littleton again in 2009, and if you like realism, I can't recommend her workshop enough.

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